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About Us

Elton Kirby With more than 28 years of serving the Twin Lakes area, Kirby-Boaz Funeral Directors demonstrates a strong commitment to local ownership and service to our communities.

Today's staff provides the same personal service that Elton Kirby promised when he established the company in 1976. Those we serve say there is a difference in what we do and how we care for all families. Perhaps that is because we are family-owned and family-operated, working to serve our neighbors and friends as we would serve our own family.

Kirby-Boaz Funeral Directors serves the Mountain Home area from its facility on Hospital Drive and serves the Bull Shoals/Lakeview area from its Bull Shoals facility, established in 1979. Since 1980, Kirby-Boaz has operated and expanded its serene countryside cemetery and mausoleum complex, Kirby's Tucker Memorial Cemetery.

Kirby's Tucker Memorial Cemetery features special gardens and accepts granite upright monuments in its Granite Garden section.Overseen by Superintendent Donald Gray since 1981, Kirby's Tucker Memorial Cemetery features special gardens and accepts granite upright monuments in its Granite Garden section. Families choose from burial sites in the Veterans Garden, the Catholic Garden, or the Masonic Garden. A row of large American flags form an Avenue of Flags, catching the wind beautifully on patriotic occasions.

If you already own cemetery property such as lots, mausoleum crypts or niches, you may exchange it for property within Kirby's Tucker Memorial Cemetery through the International Cemetery and Funeral Association's (formerly American Cemetery Association) Lot Exchange Program.

Even after the funeral is over, Kirby-Boaz continues its care with resources for those difficult times.The largest mausoleum complex in north central Arkansas is at Kirby's Tucker Memorial Cemetery. When expansions are made to the mausoleum, pre-construction contracts at reduced fees are available.

Reaching out to those who grieve with compassion is indispensable when a loved one is gone. Even after the funeral is over, Kirby-Boaz continues its care with resources for those difficult times. Kirby-Boaz has distributed books, videos, and cassette tapes for managing grief to local libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and human services offices. All of these materials are also available at the Kirby-Boaz facilities. These are available to all at no charge. Our staff is also well informed about local support groups for grief and healing.

Kirby-Boaz has led community efforts to honor World War II veterans. Kirby-Boaz personnel have led the region in providing educational opportunities for future funeral directors. Kirby-Boaz has led the state in the quality of documentation supplied to government agencies on behalf of our families. Kirby-Boaz has brought the nation's leading grief management experts to Mountain Home for outstanding workshops and seminars open to the public and especially for care givers.

It is not surprising to learn that Kirby-Boaz has been honored to receive the national "Pursuit of Excellence" award from the National Funeral Directors Association every year since 2001.

Meet Our Staff
Our people make a difference in our service. We understand that each family will have personal requests and traditions. The wishes of each family are of the utmost importance to our licensed funeral directors. Below is a listing of our staff. To find out more about our licensed funeral directors and managers, click on their names.

Owners and Licensed Staff Members

Elton Kirby, Owner, Founder, Funeral Director
Mary Boaz, Owner, Funeral Director
Jason Kirby, Funeral Director
Bill Mackey, Senior Funeral Director
Rita Watts, Funeral Director
Travis Kowalczyk, Funeral Director

Supporting Staff
Donald Gray, Cemetery Superintendent
Bill Wiles, Pre-need Counselor
Stephen Sheridan, Apprentice Funeral Director
Colby Hankins, Apprentice Funeral Director

Bob Stovall, Assistant Funeral Director
Larry Cassidy, Assistant Funeral Director
Karen McElwain, Assistant Funeral Director

Wade Britt, Cemetery Maintenance
Bill Westlie, Assistant Funeral Director
Louis Stephens, Assistant Funeral Director
Jean Gordon, Public Relations

Judy Lewis, Bookkeeper
Valencia Greenlee, Administrative Assistant

George Kemper, Grounds and Maintenance
Walter (Buddy) Bradshaw, Jr., Cemetery Maintenance


Funeral Directors

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